We have a new homepage

Nov 17, 2014 • Mattias Cibien

Finally I found some time to get the home page of SuperbEdit online.

Everything here at the moment is at the “We are beginning” phase but in the next days everything is going to be expanded.

Meanwhile some news about the editor itself.

We are working hard on providing a full text editor with syntax highlighting; Dan is actually seeing into integrating AvalonEdit as the default text component while I am focusing on completing the API and getting multiple panels available. Everything looks very promising.

Also, we are actually trying to create a unique branding from the program starting with a new icon created by Erica Barrese. Thanks to her we are finally going to have an identity in both your taskbar and our facebook pageinstead of relying on a stock icon.

As a closing note remember that we are an open-source initiative so, if you are willing to help us and learn something new just head over to the contributing page and make something cool. We are accepting any kind of submission to the program core.

Have a nice day.