First Stable Release

Nov 26, 2014 • Mattias Cibien

I know that most of the people do not like to compile a simple program in order to use it.

For this reason I am proud to announce the first stable release of SuperbEdit. The basic features including syntax highlighting are now included and the editor itself is pretty usable and therefore it’s the time to give it a try.

Even if we are releasing a stable bear in mind that not all the feature are present in this version; Panels, for example are not fully implemented and only one can be present in the interface at this time.

At the moment with stable we mean something that is free of critical bugs. The first feature complete version will be 1.0.

We hope that by releasing this version the community will give us some feedback on the features they are needing the most and start to develop magnificent plug-ins.

Head over to the Download page and tell us what you think.