Everybody can contribute to the development of SuperbEdit.

You just need to grab a copy of Visual Studio 2012 or higher (we suggest to get the new Community Edition of VS2013 which is free and feature complete), a git client and create an account on Github.

When you are ready just follow this simple guide to submit your changes

Fork the repository

In order to provide your changes to the repository you must fork the repository using the Fork button and then clone the forked repository into your computer

git clone<your github username>/SuperbEdit.git

Adding the main repository

Now in order to keep your repository aligned with the main one just add a new remote to your newly-cloned repository

git remote add upstream

Ready to develop

You are now ready to develop on SuperbEdit. To keep your pull request clean from unwanted commits it is advised that you work on a branch so you can also leverage the GitHub native PR features.

To create a new branch:

git branch my-feature && git checkout my-feature

You can now work on the repository.

Submitting your pull request

When your changes are made just push them to your fork repository:

git push origin my-feature

and then just open the relative github page and click on Create Pull Request.


When you are done just wait for the developers to examine your changes and then keep in contact with them to clarify any doubts.

Happy coding!